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  1. Problem is internet is open to these predators its a disgrace and search engines should do more to protect the kids.
  2. haha probably some fat pen pusher thought this one up
  3. Not enough till kids start over dosing on the rubbish crazy world we live in
  4. You are right both off you more creamy and kids these days would be horrified if someone suggested they try proper milk, took me a long time to accept what we get these days
  5. Lady in Red


    Thanks for clarifying that Brian
  6. Someone should have thought about it surely
  7. Lady in Red


    Was it a sexist remark? or was it a joke? I thought it funny but i would.
  8. Blimey wouldnt pay that its a rip off wait for the dvd to come out
  9. Lady in Red


    During the ad break for the harrowing documentary about the Lockerbie plane crash, Channel 5 have just screened an ad for an online sex toy shop. I wish I could say I thought it was a celebration of life, but frankly, I didn’t. Disrespectful? Inappropriate? Discuss.
  10. At the local Hindu corner store, I spent a few minutes talking to the statue of Ganesh that they keep on the counter. I had only popped in for a bit of idol chatter.
  11. I know about addiction far too well for it has impacted my life through family and friends, that are and have suffered immensely. My biggest pet peeve is when people say "you had the perfect life, how could you mess it up like this over alcohol or drugs" or "if you want help you should just ask" or "We've already been down this road before..and that it didn't work last time..." addiction literally consumes your soul and it's all you can think about! No one wakes up one day and says I want to be a meth,heroin, cocaine, or alcohol addict for the rest of my life... So today more than ever, I want the healing of addiction for all that are still struggling. The pain hurts more than just the addict, we hate the disease, not the person! 💜💜. So many lives have been taken way too soon .. young and old. May all who are fighting these demons find strength-hope-peace .. 💜
  12. Lady in Red


    I read the other day that the MOD has many thousand of homes empty and falling into disrepair. They could help homeless veterans on the streets with a place to live while helping them to adjust to civilian life. Just saying.
  13. In local news - The Paranoid Schizophrenics Christmas panto descended into chaos last night when someone shouted...'He's behind you
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