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  1. No room for an extension
  2. Won't fit you all in my house
  3. I think I might go away for Christmas 🤔
  4. I love Christmas cake too Fran and try to make my own. I also make chocolate dipped marzipan cherries at Christmas too
  5. Now why didn't I think of that
  6. Neither of you would fit in my suitcase as it will be half full with wool
  7. My only complaint is that I don't have a lot of time to spend on here at the moment but it is a fab site
  8. I will send you a picture of the sunshine Fran :P
  9. Can't stand this cold weather Fran. Got to get a fix of sunshine :)
  10. Just want to say a huge thank you to Brian and to Marc for setting this place up. So glad we got everything sorted Brian and glad to be a part of this. You will have to come round for coffee again once we are back from our holidays
  11. Pam Davey


    Hi Fran, good to see you are here.. I am avoiding doing an introduction and hoping I get away with it
  12. Dare I say I never liked the Beatles ? ( runs away and hides now :P )
  13. We don't do much at Christmas , just a quiet day at home or my daughters. No one in my house is interested in Christmas... it's just another day
  14. Morning. Off to Rhyl Women's Shed this morning to talk about my charity work :)
  15. Pam Davey

    Born and Bred?

    I am from Doncaster , South Yorkshire. Moved to Wales in Feb 2010 with my husband Phil , bought a house that had been empty for over 4 years and we are still renovating it now !
  16. Pam Davey

    Pam Davey

  17. Brilliant idea. Just having a nosy around the site while I have a glass of wine
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