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    Sorry to hear this Sara. Please let Brian know we are all thinking about him and you all. Thanks for letting us know. Sending love to you all
  2. Knitting I have done since we got to Tenerife on Monday
  3. They are small ones for preemie babies
  4. Already knitted two hats ! Phil is still in bed
  5. The sun is shining and this is the view from our apartment. Think we will have a lazy day apart from food shopping
  6. This is a bedspread I knitted a few years ago. Over 500 squares, sewn together and then a border added
  7. I will not donate to any of those charities on tv or on the high street. If I do get stopped by charities on the street then I tell them I already do loads for charity and offer them one of my cards and tell them they can read about what I do.
  8. Hi Paul, I too suffer with anxiety and depression. We had a pup a few years ago that was border collie cross kelpie. So energetic. Unfortunately we had to rehome him after my husband had surgery on his spine as we could not cope.
  9. Thank you Fran. My next new hobby is going to be jewellery.
  10. Many years ago I decided I needed a new hobby and this was the first cross stitch I did. I decided if I was going to do it then I might as well set myself a challenge and not do something simple. 76 different colours in this.
  11. Just finished sewing up this blanket. I knitted it in strips using loads of oddments of wool.
  12. Pam Davey


    I won't be able to get there as our train is 9.15 in the morning. Thanks for the offer though
  13. Pam Davey


    Thanks. Pity I am away now for two weeks !
  14. When we first moved to Rhyl we went to the big car boot near Sainsbury's. We had a stall and I left Phil looking after it while I went looking for a wheel barrow. I promised Phil I would not buy anything else as the wheel barrow was the only thing we needed. Couldn't find one but came back with a coffee table instead ! Phil said it was the funniest looking wheel barrow he had ever seen 😂. Well it was a bargain at £3 and matched the fireplace we had recently bought. Now I want to get rid of the table but Phil won't let me .
  15. Haven't been to one for quite a while Fran but picked up many bargains from them over the years. Could tell you a story about a wheel barrow and a coffee table .....
  16. Hi Laura, great to see you here. Will see you when I get back from holiday x
  17. Thanks. I am happy to give you a lesson or two Brian
  18. Thanks Brian. I was told I had 90% symptoms of M.S but my lumber puncture and scans did not back it up. I then waited another 6 yrs before my GP in Doncaster diagnosed fibro.
  19. Pam Davey


    I can't do them as I have a very long history of eating disorders. I have been warned that something like slimming world or weight watchers could trigger them again. I somehow have to do this on my own
  20. Pam Davey


    I need to lose some weight but can't do weight watchers or slimming world on advice from doctor. Lack of exercise is some of my problem.
  21. Thank you. It took quite a while and a lot of wool
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