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  1. Hi, some of you know me and some of you don't . Thought it was about time I introduced myself. How long have you got ? I am originally from Yorkshire but moved to Rhyl in Feb 2010 with my third husband Phil. He is my rock and has helped me heal from a very rough past. I have 6 children from my first marriage, 5 living aged between 27 and 38 and an angel baby who would have been 35 if he had lived. I run a large community group based in Rhyl but have members from all over the UK and abroad. We knit/crochet/sew/buy for those less fortunate than ourselves. I have a history of mental health issues and have made sure that I have a good knowledge of things too so I can help others. I also have 2 sons with mental health issues. Am looking forward to getting more involved in the community next year and am already involved with North Wales Superkids, Rhyl Womens/ Men shed and their youth group, ASK and a few more. Am very passionate about what I do and have even been told that I talk too much about it !!!
  2. I tend to look ­čĹÇ out of the window Brian. I can see just what the weather is like then ­čśŤ
  3. Brian out need chocolate sauce at the bottom of the glass, then coffee (strong espresso), a big layer of condensed milk and then squirty cream on top . Yummy
  4. Just thought I would share a bit of sunshine and Spanish food with you. It's a pity I can't get that coffee in this country cos it was fantastic.
  5. Wet and windy ? You been eating too many baked beans again Fran ?
  6. We will all do what we can. You make sure you rest and recover..
  7. This is what the postman turned up with this morning. 3 mail sacks full of knitted goodies for my community group. Just before he came a lady called to drop off some donations. Then I went to Rhyl Women's Shed to work out how many pencil case packs and teddies they need for their youth and play group ... called in at ASK to see someone and then home for quick lunch. Afternoon of phone calls arranging meetings for January with projects we are going to support . I have some things to get twiddled so I can take some samples to a care home in Kinmel Bay next week ! Never a dull moment in this house. I need another holiday :P
  8. Brian, after your collapse you have to put yourself first.
  9. I am having a few problems with some projects. One in particular who we have supported before with Christmas gifts for their service users are also advertising for items for shoeboxes ( same sort of items that we provide ) . I can see that some will get 2 lots of items while others at other projects may get nothing. Also some people use two or three different services so could get something from each. I think I will be withdrawing support to one of the projects next year . It's hard trying to decide who to support.
  10. Christmas Day is just like any other day in our house . I have heard that Tony Doyle's meats has opened a shop in Rhyl
  11. Not bought any Fran. Brought plenty with me
  12. I wouldn't dream of booing .
  13. Not me . I was good ­čÖé
  14. Thanks to both of you for creating this site
  15. Pam Davey


    Hope you will be home soon Brian.
  16. I have spare wool and needles Marc
  17. Found the perfect coffee bar for us ( well some of us). Pity it's in San Blas, Tenerife.
  18. Off to meet friends for coffee
  19. Lovely place to sit and relax
  20. The sun is shining, its 21 degrees here
  21. Done these today. Forecast was rain so we stayed on the resort.
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