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  1. Am lucky , the elephant and tiger ones are on the wall in my living room
  2. North Wales Superkids. We drop donations off at the old library in Mold. I don't drive but am sure my husband wouldn't mind bringing me over in the new year 🙂
  3. You must treasure those memories Christine. You can never forget. By the way, I also suffer with physical and mental health issues. We live in Rhyl but travel to Mold sometimes to drop off donations for one of the charities we support . X
  4. Hi Christine and welcome to Buddies. Am sorry for your loss and have to say you need to talk. I lost a baby in 1983 and didn't talk about him for years but now I talk about him all the time and he is the reason for Woollies for the World. If ever you want to talk , I am here. Maybe in the new year we can arrange to meet up for coffee?
  5. You should see the spider 🕷
  6. I must be cooking them right as me and my two sons love them !
  7. This is one he did a few years ago for my birthday
  8. Think we are all winning at the moment .. trying to work out how I can make Brian hear it so I win 😂🤔😇
  9. Pam Davey

    Xmas trees

    Not bothering to put ours up this year as we will be at my daughter's over Christmas
  10. Understanding autism, introduction to child psychology, emotions and emotional disorders, exercise and mental health
  11. Does he do automatic car Cathy ?
  12. Obviously not Cathy. This one has made my life hell for over 18 months !
  13. Oh I love hot chocolate with baileys :)
  14. Ok, I have taken the plunge. I have created an account with Open University and signed up for 3 free taster courses. Watch this space for more info as I go :)
  15. It's getting closer to Christmas someone is going to hear it soon ....
  16. Nooooo...... coffee , coffee and more coffee
  17. One of the best recipes for Yorkshire Puddings ! ttps://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/9020/best-yorkshire-puddings
  18. Thanks Lynn. I am 58 and also thinking of learning to drive. I failed my test when I was 21 , had lessons again when I was 30 but didn't take my test as I had major surgery. Am signing up to two free open university courses to start with to see how I get on
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