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  1. The mental health system is bad. My son has social anxiety and hardly leaves the house and the GP gave him a number to ring for phone support. That was several years ago and he couldn't cope with it so still hasn't had any help. Hafod only offer about 6 sessions. I hope your friend gets the help they need 

  2. this blanket has just been sent out to a lovely couple who both have a lot of health issues. Tracy has beaten cancer but has problems with her spine and is in a wheelchair and her husband has been diagnosed with dementia at the age of 35 a few years after he had brain surgery. This is the message Tracy sent me when she received the blanket :  I just want to say a massive Thank you for our wonderful cuddly blanket , that was so very kind of you to think about us. It's been a rubbish year with our illnesses and family issues so it's very much appreciated by us both ,


  3. 36 minutes ago, Brian Taylor said:

    Ah take it easy Pam, you seem to have been putting yourself under a lot of pressure, posting lots about charity work, your new plans etc. Remember that you must put yourself first. If you don’t look after yourself you can’t look after anyone else. You know where I if you want to chat x

    Thanks Brian. Hopefully new plans will make things easier for me. X 

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  4. Been struggling for a while now mentally. Finally gave up and went to see nurse today. Anti depressants increased again and also got diazepam and sleeping pills. Told not to take ibuprofen to ease the fibromyalgia pain as it will aggravate my asthma . 

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  5. 18 minutes ago, Cathy Jackson said:

    Over 18m???  What on earth is the point.  I'd have a big Blocked List if that was me.  Just goes to show you never can tell!

    Every time I block her she sets up a new profile and sends me messages ! That's the problem with having my profile set to public but I need to have it that way because of the community work I do 

  6. 3 hours ago, Saz said:

    Following on from Brian's "Marmite" thread, what food combinations do you love that other people hate

    I love peanut butter and cheese - Hubby can't stand it and thinks i'm weird

    i'm sure there's more but i've not had my 1st morning coffee yet so the brain cell isn't functioning 

    Cheese and jam sandwiches.. love them , peanut butter with golden syrup, banana with peanut butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar 

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  7. 12 minutes ago, it'sgood2talk said:

    I don't like it on it's own but in cheese straws and gravy I do.  I LOVE Twiglets!  Marmite - thinly spread and water-cress on wholemeal bread sandwiches are  delicious! 


    I haven't had twiglets for ages ! 

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