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  1. Went for breakfast at a place that was refurbished last year. It now looks really good and is very clean. We give it 9/10. Darbeys on Wellington Road, Rhyl. Just up the road from the £1 breakfast place. Diring February they do an offer of two large breakfasts for £10, 8am to 2pm.
  2. We couldn't make Buddies Breakfast today, so we had our own
  3. I always go with self care too and I experiment with medicines over time. I reduced my back pain after my spine op by cutting out the Naproxen anti inflammatory tablets. I only need Lansoprozol for acid now.
  4. Yes, Denbighshire have a scheme but I won't be going again
  5. What would be do without the Red Bull Formula One team? I agree they should be banned but a lot is down to educating people on these things, and that should start at school. Most energy drinks have a lot of ingredients shared with other common 'acceptable ' foods, like chocolate and sweeteners.
  6. I hate water too, even bottled. It seems to stay in my throat for ages. I don't do cows milk but I will have almond milk and soya
  7. Ha ha, doesn't include me. Never smoked, not had a drink in years, I have fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch.
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