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  1. Hello Jan - sorry for the slow reply. Welcome to the group. We are in the middle of upgrading this page, which is why its so quiet at the moment. I will announce it over on the facebook group when this page has been updated as we will be re-launching it at that time :)
  2. Brian Taylor

    My Mum

    Im so sorry to be reading this news Sue. If there is ever anything I can do to help please let me know xx
  3. Morning all. You don’t need me to tell you that many roads are treacherous this morning. Please take care and keep an eye on the forecasts! I’ve deleted what I think was a fake profile this morning. We try to filter them out but no doubt some will get through. You can help us by reporting any concerns or issues you might have. Don’t want no pesky trolls in ‘ere! 😡😛 Since my last post about our main web page, activity has shot up. We’ve had lots of visitors and lots of new registrations! Thank you all. Just need to get you all talk now 😂 We are still looking for a couple of trustworthy people to help look after the web page and this group by welcoming new members and creating interesting content. If you have to travel, stay safe and stay warm! 😊
  4. Cheaper than our one no doubt 🤣🤣
  5. Hi Rhian, welcome to the group 🙂 There is lots of chat going on over on our Facebook group. I’m hoping we can get them over head again as personally, I prefer it! 😎
  6. Brian Taylor


    Hi Katy, welcome to the group. Thanks for your comments. We have created this forum as we genuinely feel that it suits what we are trying to do with the group much better than faceberk ever could! It tailed off in here over Christmas, but I’m really hoping we can find a way to bring our users over here x
  7. Brian Taylor


    Hi Sue, this must be such a weight off your minds xx
  8. Breakfast at Foryd Centre Wellington Road, Rhyl starts at 9am costs just £1.00 for a fry up!
  9. Event Title: Breakfast at Foryd Centre Rhyl Event Author: Brian Taylor Event Date: 17/01/19 00:00 Breakfast at Foryd Centre Wellington Road, Rhyl starts at 9am costs just £1.00 for a fry up! Breakfast at Foryd Centre Rhyl Princes street, Rhyl, Ll181ls, United Kingdom If you are attending this event, please visit the link below and click you are going on the calendar entry 🙂
  10. Hi Deborah, yes you’re right on all counts, we were at Conwy, it wasn’t in the events diary, and we are at the Cookhouse Monday morning 😎
  11. Hey Audrey, nice to meet you today. I hope to bring more people back onto here soon as it’s a good web page, I think it is better than the Facebook group 😎
  12. Brian Taylor

    Dog Park Fun

    My Sara took our dog and met up with Sarah, Marc and her dogs. Looks like a great place to take your dogs Sue x
  13. until

    No thanks 😉
  14. Hi Nik, welcome to the group, hope you’ve had a good Christmas. The site is a bit quiet at the minute but we will be back to full strength in the new year. 😊
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