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  1. I love Sprouts .as long as not overcooked ,because they taste bitter then.
  2. Tea for me,and practically black.
  3. Thought i would perhaps give you a laugh , I was chatting to my window cleaner this morning ,and he was telling me about when his kitten went missing,he said it did come back after a while but he noticed that he had different markings on him, so i said well maybe it isn't your cat after all, and someone might have yours, He said oh don't say that :) I suppose I'll only ever know if it has to go to the vets ,and they say it's a girl , so i said well it .s not as bad as when i had my son,and when it came to feeding time they brought baby in and handed him to me, I took one look and said 'That's not my baby.' they kept saying of course he is, he needs feeding, but I wouldnt because I thought if i did that was saying he was mine, So the window cleaner was looking really serious, and listening, and i said I just knew it wasn't my son, and he piped up ,with ' Was it due to the fact that it was black '? Well i cracked up laughing ,nearly wet myself , Thankfully I got my son back :)
  4. Me neither:) and please God i don't :)
  5. ah, so sorry to hear you aren't feeling good, it's bound to take it's toll, Will try and pop over here when I can ,but don't be worrying about this, you are far more important ,and need to rest,because that's obviously what your body is telling you to do, I know it's frustrating because you want to do things and can't, i feel the same ,but just take each day as it comes and you will soon be feeling more like your Young self :) or is that Old self , Just take care.x
  6. i wsatched it, would have liked Scarlett to win, but they will all do well so doesn't really matter, I didn't think it was right that Dalton didn't sing his song straight after the other two. but there was someone else on and then him, I think that somehow gave h[m an advantage, because there was more of a build up to him,
  7. Glad to hear you are home Brian ,No place like it :) hope you are feeling better, don't forget to rest , and i hope they find out what caused it, x
  8. thinking of you all, Did see this earlier on FB, so sorry Brian has been taken ill,wishing him a good recovery,x
  9. Noel Edmonds is going in, so there might be a change of dynamics :)
  10. haha i can never get a joke right :) should have said food colouring :) Itried !!!!
  11. iwondered who was living in the igloo :)
  12. i don't have a letter box 😞
  13. Ah, yes they really seem to be, I do like it though when they have a few tiffs :)
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