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  1. Hi Cathy, thanks for your welcome and lovely words too ~ insert a love and a thanks emoji - it means a lot to me! Wow! Dyserth - the village on the side of a hill with the BEST view ever - lucky you! I miss not driving on that road (Hoywell to Rhuddlan / Rhyl) now that the A55 is there! ~ C ~ xx
  2. Thanks for your welcome AND your lovely words too Saz! It means a lot to me! I wish there was a way to thank (trophy) and love ( ❤️ ) in response to comments on here! 😉
  3. Thanks for your welcome to the group Brian! Despite what I wrote in my introduction I'll talk to you - no probs! Honest gov! 😄
  4. Apart from knitting / crotchet do you do any other arts & crafts Saz?
  5. Yes Sue - how do you get into your craft room? Through the 'Narnia wardrobe' in the first photo? Or are they before and after photos? We are soul-sisters - obviously - because I could open a shop with my extensive stash too! Lol! 😮
  6. Love them - it isn't Christmas without a tub of Twiglets (and Cheselets (Treelets) ) to much my way through
  7. Aw Bless him - both of you really - but I don't mind coming out your way! 🙂
  8. I don't like it on it's own but in cheese straws and gravy I do. I LOVE Twiglets! Marmite - thinly spread and water-cress on wholemeal bread sandwiches are delicious!
  9. YEW! I like Marmite - well I like Twiglets! BUT not on sprouts - noooo!
  10. Is it every week Is it on every week - what time?
  11. WOW! All that detail - he's talented! 🙂 xx
  12. Definitely for me but my husband can't stand them! BUT they have to be small and tasty - not big, over-cooked and mushy! I also like them stir fried with crispy bacon / lardons
  13. Tea, tea and more tea please - Tetleys - make tea go round! Rooibos - Herbal - Fruity! If it's coffee it has to be real filter coffee after a meal. If it's meeting with friends - Latte - Gingerbread Latte or a Mocha! Hot Choclate in the winter / Iced Latte or Smoothie in the Summer. I'm equally happy with a glass of water!
  14. Thanks for sharing - age doesn't do anyone ant favours does it! Lol! We, in Mold, have a great street market every Wednesday and Saturday! Which charity is that Pam? x
  15. Yes, I do! My ❤️ son ❤️ was way, way too special to just bury and forget!! 😞 Grrrr! 😞 !! 18 years of 'stuff' and memories to remember and TALK about - NOT forget! A meet-up with a coffee /cup of tea / Hot Chocolate would be great thanks Pam. 🙂 ❤️ 🙂 Christine x
  16. Hello! I'm Christine from Mold. I've been married, for 26 years, to a bloke who is doing his best for me, but I'm really lonely - for female company ~ no disrespect gentlemen! I'm currently unemployed and am struggling with physical and mental ill-health and complex bereavement issues. Our Warrior-with-Wings son should be 21 and away at a specialist residential college with people of his own age ~ but he died aged 18 three and a half years ago! I've been told not to talk about him as 'no one wants to know' / 'no one cares' and 'it won't get me any friends'! I'm an avid paper-crafter (rubber stamping and mixed-media mainly) but enjoy lots of other crafts too. I've joined Pam's 'Woolies For The World' Facebook group but have yet to make anything woolly! I'm a basic knitter - can't crotchet, weaver, wet and needle felter. I enjoy simple sewing crafts, especially with pre-made felt, and patchwork - crazy patchwork is fun! I also dabble in Art (art history and appreciation - watercolour, pastels, acrylics and pointillism. I've also dabbled in jewellery making and ceramics. I'm in the process of setting up a small craft business after being an Independent Demonstrator for a leading global company for 5 years - on and off. Sooo - I'm looking for 'crafty' friends, colleagues, customers and class / workshop / crop / retreat attendees. Well that's a little bit about me - for now.......
  17. Hello Pam and everybody - just joined and this is my first post on here!
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