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  1. This is the view from my Grandaughters bedroom where hidden behind is my craft room. Has you can see I have lots of stuff eek 😱😁
  2. These are the ones I’ve completed up to now. Have the large one I’m working on plus another 6 including an Elvis one I’m doing has a present for a lovely lady ☺️
  3. Sue

    I’m here

    Me neither I’m defiantly a sun worshipper lol
  4. Not been to a jumble sale in absolutely years. I’m in Rhyl hopefully Friday so will have a look around there. I’ve bought frames from the range which are lovely but can work out expensive though x
  5. Sue

    I’m here

    Yes I must admit not liking the dark nights. Give me sunshine and blue skies anyday x
  6. Sue

    I’m here

    I have a desk top lamp Fran that I use but looking into getting a light pad from Amazon or Ali Express. X
  7. Thank you Fran. I usually look in charity shops also. Most of the paintings are 16 x 12 and I try to get the ones with mounts in if I can but not always x
  8. Hope this is ok to post I have quite a few completed diamond paintings that probably end up staying in my craft space. If anyone is doing any auctions for charity I am more than happy to donate some. At the moment they are all unframed but I will be going bargain hunting for frames in next week or so 😊
  9. Sue

    Ohh errr

    Get a move on 😂
  10. Sue


    Been good today no chocolate 😂
  11. Sue

    I’m here

    Sarah that one took me around 2 hours to do. I’m doing a custom one which is 65 x 65 using the square diamonds which I can only do in evenings for an hour or two so will be taking me quite a while. Xx
  12. Sue

    I’m here

    This is a full drill but you can get partial ones although I’m not keen on them ones. I have mine on kitchen table and have dropped the diamonds a few times oops lol
  13. Sue

    I’m here

    Just one of around 25 I’ve completed 😊
  14. Sue


    Maltesers are my favourite x
  15. Sue

    I’m here

    Anyone can do these but can be addictive too 😊
  16. Sue

    I’m here

    Thank you. Forgot to mention whenever I have a spare moment I also like to to diamond paintings. Have quite a collection of finished ones 😳😊
  17. Sue


    I usually start my Christmas shopping beginning September just so behind this year. Have a few bits in for grandchildren and got my mums already. I love having my son and daughter here but Son is a deputy manager of a pb in Didsbury so usually working. This year we spend Christmas Eve at our daughters then off to Son in laws mums for Christmas lunch then drive home same evening. Tree goes up 12days before and down 12 days after
  18. Sue


    My problem is chocolate 😳. With being petite extra few pounds make me feel crappy. I do try to cook healthy meals from scratch 😊
  19. You too good at this Brian 😂
  20. Sue


    I think it would be a great idea.
  21. I’ve met the lovely Pam What she does is truly wonderful. Oh and not forgetting I met Brian too 😁
  22. Sue


    Yes I agree Sarah may take the plunge one day 😊
  23. Sue


    Way to go Cathy 🏆🤩 xx
  24. Sue

    Just for fun

    Shopping trip to New York (if only)
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