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  1. Once my Mum gets sorted I hope to help where I can
  2. Pam I want to swimming and I believe the one in Abergele has a ladies one on Monday evenings. My friend Sharon started going with her daughter. I want to start getting fitter again but won’t go to gyms on my own. I do use a treadmill at home and have a core cruncher but start with best intentions then stop 😳
  3. Brian my younger sister knows everyone of his songs. Her daughter got tickets to see him live. My sister was up on her feet all night 😁. Love Motown can dance all night long to that
  4. Theatre day or night. Drive out to Angel Bay in Llandudno watch the seals.
  5. I like 60’s 70’s 80’s Motown and Pink. Was brought up listening to Elvis every Sunday shame he died so young. I took my mum last year to see Chris O’Connor at the pavilion he was fantastic sang some of the gospel songs Elvis sang too. also like Meatloaf my sister is mad on him. Not instrumental although I played the recorder in school 😁. Hubby is quite musical. He has played the drums was in a band for a while then self taught playing the guitar 😊
  6. Wow your dogs are gorgeous Sarah love all the photos but my favourite I’d the sunset. if you get over to the market on Tir Prince when it opens again, there is a guy who transfers photos straight onto canvas for you and he’s really reasonable 😊
  7. Thank you Cathy. Just need to persuade hubby now to make it into a proper room for me 😁
  8. Corrie, emmerdale and eastenders. Always recorded so hubby can watch his programmes then I watch mine when he’s in bed 😁
  9. Sue

    I’m here

    Fran we will make sure we’re near a cafe or I will bring a flask full 😁x
  10. Sue

    I’m here

    I’m jealous I love Tenerife. Have a fantastic holiday and definitely sort a day out for coffee x
  11. Sue

    I’m here

    Ooh where you off too x
  12. Sue

    I’m here

    Hi Pam. Great to be here 😊 Fran we will be hitting that beach when it’s back next summer 😊
  13. Sue

    Yes or no?

    Nooooooo not crisps just not right 😩
  14. Thank you everyone. Once you start you can’t stop
  15. I’m just the right height Brian lol 😂
  16. Sue

    Ohh errr

    Go any slower you will stop
  17. Sue

    Ohh errr

    Why the rush 🤩
  18. Sue

    Ohh errr

    God it’s taking forever 😂
  19. I’m happy to put a parcel together if anyone can tell me where this centre is in Rhyl please
  20. I would happily get some bits to send x
  21. Sue


    I don’t like Mars bars but the ones in Aldi called Titan are very similar. I actually love these ones and the jive bars that I think are similar to Twix. I’m supposed to be good has out for Christmas do end of this month with my husbands company although I would have preferred it to be in December. Thinking some new outfits in order lol
  22. Sue

    Scammer beware

    Far too much of this going about. I visit a lady of 90 who had a phone call allegedly from her phone provider Talk Talk saying her internet was suspended and that she had to clarify some details. I got onto the phone and spoke at first nicely to the lady on the line explaining that I knew it was a scam. She started to get very nasty and asked if I could switch the laptop on I decided to play along said yes ok it’s on now. She then asked if I would let her login remotely. This is where I said hold on please and literally left her on the line. After about 5minutes I asked if she was still there and when she said yes I asked again what it was she wanted. By this time she was starting to shout saying she was from talk talk. I then replied oh just a moment I have a number here in the UK and the number that is coming up from you isn’t the same. She said she was using her mobile has phone lines were down 😂. Nice try I said then ended the call.
  23. Sue


    These are beautiful Pam xx
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