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  1. Unfortunately the news on my Mum isn’t as positive.  Yesterday I took mum for her results because during her operation not one but two tumours were found these were removed and sent for testing.  Dr Taylor who carried out the operation has now told us that more cancerous tumours are still in Mums neck that she was unable to get.  Also it now seems cancer is present in mums lung.  Talk about having a bombshell dropped.  Mum is seeing the oncologist this coming Friday to discuss treatment and also if the other tumours can be removed.  She will have a mammogram at some point to make sure nothing is found.  Will hope to give better news once we have been to see him.  

  2. Finally my Mum has her operation next Tuesday.  The consultant is going to cut the cancer out from her neck.  She is only in has a day case and will then have chemo or radiotherapy to remove any that is left.  We still need to know what is happening about the cancer lesions in her chest but this is a big relief for my mum and our family xx

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  3. I know someone who is going through a bad time having flashbacks, panic attacks etc now and have suggested self referral.  She has been to the doctors and they got in touch with Mental Health team who have sent a letter suggesting a 60 minute phone session first which is no good for her. I believe she has complex PTSD and with therapy I hope she can start to feel better in herself x

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  4. I find diamond painting relaxing and always do the ones with round diamonds.  I wanted to have a custom one made for a friend and bought it from Ali Express size 65 x 60 not realising it was square diamonds.  I got this back in October and did put it to one side for a while due to my mums illness.  I’ve finally got round now to finishing it just a few diamonds to be put back in.

    My next and last one using square diamonds will be an Elvis one not starting it yet though 


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  5. Hi everybody 

    Sorry haven’t been on in a while.  Been a stressful few months.  Apart from Brian I haven’t told anyone but back in October my mum was diagnosed with Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma which is in her neck and chest.  She has had a CT and Pet scan they can’t find the primary source so wanted to put a camera into her stomach but unfortunately she was admitted to hospital with pneumonia and pleurisy.  Mum was in for a week and is now awaiting an X-ray before any treatment can start.  I don’t live far from my mum and visit nearly every day.  I’m just hoping that her treatment will begin very soon has Mum thinks her lump is moving towards her throat.  She doesn’t talk much about it but I will be in touch with her Macmillan nurse to see if they can move quickly has I hate seeing my mum like this.  Once I know she is going to be ok I hope to start coming to any meet ups sometime in the New Year.

    Lastly I would like to wish all you lovely people on here a Merry Christmas x

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