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    Went for breakfast at a place that was refurbished last year. It now looks really good and is very clean. We give it 9/10. Darbeys on Wellington Road, Rhyl. Just up the road from the £1 breakfast place. Diring February they do an offer of two large breakfasts for £10, 8am to 2pm.
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    Hi - I am Jan from Llandudno - Thank you for accepting me into the group
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    Thank you Brian. Think we’re all in limbo at the moment until Friday just praying for better news xx
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    Hi Christine - if you're on a PC when you type in the comments box if you click the face here it gives you various emotions you can use hope that helps x
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    Hi Cathy, thanks for your welcome and lovely words too ~ insert a love and a thanks emoji - it means a lot to me! Wow! Dyserth - the village on the side of a hill with the BEST view ever - lucky you! I miss not driving on that road (Hoywell to Rhuddlan / Rhyl) now that the A55 is there! ~ C ~ xx
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    Thanks for your welcome AND your lovely words too Saz! It means a lot to me! I wish there was a way to thank (trophy) and love ( ❤️ ) in response to comments on here! 😉
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