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Buddies North Wales Rules

Read the below and live by it whilst on these forums. It's not a description of our community, it's what our community is. If you do not like a friendly atmosphere feel free to join elsewhere, as this is not likely the place for you.

We aim to create a strong sense of belonging and a vibrant local community of like minded people. We aim to help people out of isolation, by offering a variety of free or low cost events across the region, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality or disability.


1. Posting Guidelines (these cover all content posted on the site)

1.01 - All posts must be constructive in nature. No links or references to warez, drugs, adult, or other illegal material - (Im not interested in your opinion because you're a bloody idiot is not constructive)

1.02 - Racial or hateful remarks and any other form of attack or harassment is absolutely not tolerated.

1.03 - If a thread has been locked, please do not recreate it. The thread has been closed for a reason.

1.04 - Whilst we are adults, and we do not wish to censor language, please keep swearing/profanity to a minimum. This does not include profanity targeted at other members, which will not be tolerated.

1.05 - The founders of this site set it up to for people to gain friendships. Bitchiness between members will not be tolerated.

1.06 - All areas of the site are monitored and recorded for the protection of our site and its members.

1.07 - If you feel you cannot answer a topic without sniping at another member, feel free not to answer the topic. A question that is stupid to you may be a question someone else doesn't know the answer to. You also didn't know once!


2. Messenger system

2.01 - Advertising of any sort by use of the messenger system is strictly prohibited.

2.02 - Messenger may be monitored at any time by site Administrators

2.03 - All rules also apply to the messenger system.


3. Account & Profile

3.01 - Contacting staff for information, help or to report items must be done via the forum provided where possible. This is to ensure that the answers we are providing, everyone gets to see and understand, reducing duplication in staff workload. We do understand of course some things may be private in nature, in which case message us directly of course. 

3.02 - Only 1 account per user may be registered at any time and this may be used only by yourself. Duplicated accounts will be removed and the content relating to them deleted.


4. Signatures

4.01 - Maximum of five lines per signature (including spaces)

4.02 - All images must be kept to a suitable size, not interrupting the board layout causing horizontal scrolling etc

4.03 - No links or references to to warez, drugs, adult, or other illegal material


5. Advertising

5.01 - No affiliates, rewards programs, or pyramid schemes may be advertised

5.02 - Advertising of websites in direct competition with buddiesnorthwales.co.uk is not allowed. You may refer to such site in answer to questions etc, however direct advertising of any kind is not allowed.

5.03 - You may post links to other 'none competing' , related sites within your signature, however a link must be placed on the site you are linking back to the community main page of https://www.buddiesnorthwales.co.uk . Our header image may be used to link to our site should you wish to do so.

5.04 - The content of all fundraising ads on Buddies North Wales will be strictly monitored and removed if unsuitable.


6. Any Other Business


6.01 - We understand that there are competing sites out there, and some of which you may not like, or may have quarrels with the people who run them. This is not a place for you to post that hate. We do not wish to get into mud slinging.

6.02 - As lovely as some of the guys and gals are on our site, we are not a dating agency. Anyone found to be trying to use the site as such will be removed immediately. Sending of unwanted advances via the messenger system will not be tolerated. Also note that the messenger system is viewable by admin at any point. (If you would like a direct translation, none of us want to see your nude pics.)


Penalties and Suspension

Following violation of any of the aforementioned rules, the violator will be notified via the Message system and may be warned accordingly. Warnings may be removed at a later date if there are no further violations at the descression of the sites owners.


Distributing info from these forums

Information from this site may not be distributed. Before posting any information from this community elsewhere, you must obtain express permission from both the original Author and a community Administrator.


Contact Us

If you need to contact an Administrator for any reason, please keep the following in mind:


Please be civil and polite. Bring up your concerns in a mature and respectful manner. Do not be derogatory or insulting towards us. This will almost certainly get you removed from the site.


As a privately-owned and operated site, we reserve the right to moderate the community in whatever manner we choose for the "greater good" of the community. We examine each incident on a situation-by-situation basis. This means that, even if you're not technically breaking any of the previously-listed rules, you could still be subject to being banned, moderated, or removed from the site if we deem this to be the appropriate action to take on the issue at hand.



Forum Administration




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