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  2. Hi - I am Jan from Llandudno - Thank you for accepting me into the group
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  7. Looks a really nice place does that
  8. Lisa Cuthbert

    Lisa Cuthbert

  9. Went for breakfast at a place that was refurbished last year. It now looks really good and is very clean. We give it 9/10. Darbeys on Wellington Road, Rhyl. Just up the road from the £1 breakfast place. Diring February they do an offer of two large breakfasts for £10, 8am to 2pm.
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    Cecilia Paton

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    My Mum

    Sorry to hear that Sue 😞
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    Theresa Mizon

  14. Sue

    My Mum

    Thank you Brian. Think we’re all in limbo at the moment until Friday just praying for better news xx
  15. Brian Taylor

    My Mum

    Im so sorry to be reading this news Sue. If there is ever anything I can do to help please let me know xx
  16. Sue

    My Mum

    Unfortunately the news on my Mum isn’t as positive. Yesterday I took mum for her results because during her operation not one but two tumours were found these were removed and sent for testing. Dr Taylor who carried out the operation has now told us that more cancerous tumours are still in Mums neck that she was unable to get. Also it now seems cancer is present in mums lung. Talk about having a bombshell dropped. Mum is seeing the oncologist this coming Friday to discuss treatment and also if the other tumours can be removed. She will have a mammogram at some point to make sure nothing is found. Will hope to give better news once we have been to see him.
  17. Deb

    Dog Park Fun

    A few of us meet up here every week with our dogs for coffee and a natter whilst our dogs have fun, and they have movie nights too! Valentines night movie is Lady and the Tramp. ❤️🐾🐾
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    Laura Jones

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    Anne Buchanan

  20. Morning all. You don’t need me to tell you that many roads are treacherous this morning. Please take care and keep an eye on the forecasts! I’ve deleted what I think was a fake profile this morning. We try to filter them out but no doubt some will get through. You can help us by reporting any concerns or issues you might have. Don’t want no pesky trolls in ‘ere! 😡😛 Since my last post about our main web page, activity has shot up. We’ve had lots of visitors and lots of new registrations! Thank you all. Just need to get you all talk now 😂 We are still looking for a couple of trustworthy people to help look after the web page and this group by welcoming new members and creating interesting content. If you have to travel, stay safe and stay warm! 😊
  21. Cheaper than our one no doubt 🤣🤣
  22. We couldn't make Buddies Breakfast today, so we had our own
  23. Can't go until March but keep it going for me until then was always a nice start to the day see you all then
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